Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010: urban nomadic solutions for hi-tech homelessness

I had no idea that anyone else had even coined the term "urban nomad". I started using the term to loosely describe my goals for alternative living this year. Let's just say I'll be traveling extra-light. And I will be video podcasting and filming what it is like to be homeless (or what it can be like), so stay tuned and I will soon release info on my new cyber-home and where you can peep in on me if interested in monitoring my progress and adventures.

I don't have time at the moment to describe or release my entire manifesto for this living guerrilla art project that I am in the midst of launching, and as to why I am even doing it is a whole other story. Right now my main concern is for the practical. I will no longer have any type of roof over my head, so what material or location I should choose to shelter at is the most urgent matter of business. But almost equally as important in this decision is aesthetics and the goal of maintaining professional-level communications via high-tech (but portable) system of wifi and solar or other methods of energy.

If only I could afford or get access to one of these ideal shelters from Winfried Baumann (via referral from my transhumanist colleague Alex Lightman). This is like the Ikea store of homeless furniture. Reminds me also of those pod-hotels at Japanese Airports. Either way, I desperately wish I could purchase one right away. With this economy, these might actually gain some popularity in the near future..
(love all the pictures of champagne next to the shelters - redefining the "wino" stereotype. Now that's the kind of wino I want to be.)


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Angela and Jen said...

Those things look suspiciously like the drawer that Eddie Munster used to sleep in.