Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tarantino to release new Kill Bill installment??? KB 3?

Kill Bill was the original inspiration for my book, THE MODERN AMAZONS: WARRIOR WOMEN ON-SCREEN. I actually dragged myself into the theater the day after my first cancer surgery where they cut off 2/3 of my left breast (a rather amazonian action in itself) and while still bandaged up and doped I watched Kill Bill Vol. 2. I watched the scene with Uma Thurman buried alive in a coffin and how she dug herself out of the grave and it just really hit home, considering my situation and how I was going through all kinds of horrible surgeries, chemo and radiation in order to try and live.

These several years later I have experienced a horrible surprise revisit from breast cancer in late 2008, and more surgery, and back trying to stay out of the grave again (that whole experience was documented in my other journal, And now I see news that a third Kill Bill movie may be resurrected from the grave also for a new third installment.

I heard reports of this purported sequel/prequel from long ago, interviews in which Tarantino was always asked about whether he would make a volume three. He seemed interested in doing so, but maybe in different form - maybe animated, maybe something about the early life of O-Ren Ishi. But then there was also talk of making a film about the daughter of Vernita Green seeking revenge later in life, but most of all there was talk of a prequel. My guess would be a prequel. But then again I think it could well be an all out fight between the daughters, Nikki and Beebe.

Here's the news from Variety:

Tarantino wants to 'Kill Bill' again

Filmmaker announces plans for third installment


Quentin Tarantino confirmed he will be making the third installment of the "Kill Bill" series on Saturday at the Morelia International Film Festival

There to promote "Inglorious Basterds"- the festival opener – the geek chic filmmaker wanted to give Uma Thurman's central character and her daughter Beebe 10 years of peace before the next bloody installment – which would push the project to 2014.

In a conference alongside "Basterd"star Eli Roth, he said that there would be one film in between, saying he was "wide open"to his next project. Tarantino added that he would like to do a "re-imagining"to a number of genres including a western or a 20s/30s "Pretty Boy Floyd"type gangster movie.

Tarantino also explained how he has more than enough material for more "Inglorious Basterds" installments saying that a future project could include a prequel or sequel.

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