Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's something I've been DYING to ask you. What's in the BASKET???

When I was a teenager returning from living in Holland for a year, my family made me a coming-home cake in celebration. Of my case it wasn't a normal cake. It was an attempt to duplicate the figure of the parasitic siamese twin (Belial) that went on a murdering spree in the cult movie BASKET CASE after being cut off of his twin brother Duane in a bloody dining table operation and then left outside in a hefty bag for the garbageman.

The evil "twisted lump of flesh" Belial got his revenge of course, on Dr. Cutter, Dr. Needleman and Dr. Lifflander who performed the surgery. (coincidentally appropriate names for doctors since one lifted him on the table, one stuck in the needle and one did the cutting)

My father, cutting the cake while my sister Wendy watches in excitement.

We like to celebrate each christmas by watching Basket Case, reciting all the lines, and Basket Case Trivia Games.

My son has followed in the great family tradition of putting a stocking over his head and disk gloves on and popping out of a laundry basket in reenactment of the scenes (though he doesn't remember doing it because he was young and we bribed him to do it with promise of Disneyland tickets. He later threw a fit because he thought it was a rip off). I also once handmade a commemorative shrinky-dink of Belial as a family heirloom, but some irresponsible person lost it.

You too can enjoy Basket Case this holiday season with all the family with the 20 year anniversary edition of the DVD, including the documentary about the making of Basket Case!


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Angela and Jen said...

Very well done! I am thrilled beyond words that you are finally putting your stellar talent to its proper use. If you are going to be in town over the next week, we can put together the Xmas game together.